Is The Internet Becoming Too Provocative?

Working from home, has meant that I have been spending more time online than ever before. As a result, I am beginning to wonder about the material I am seeing online. An increasing amount of online content seems to be provocative and I do worry that young teens and kids are exposed to content that they should simply not be able to see. For instance, it is easy to come across London escorts website and find out more about London escorts.

I am not saying that London escorts should not be allowed to promote their services online. After all, escorting has been around for a long time and London escorts have been famous for their sexy making people horny long before the start of the Internet. At the same time, I keep on wondering if some London escorts agencies could tone it down a bit. Most of the escorts that I come across online, are not exactly wearing a lot of clothes. Maybe they could leave a little bit more too imagination if you know what I mean.

What about porn sites? Just like with London escorts websites, I don’t think that all porn sites are too bad. But I must say that there are some porn sites that go way over the top. It is really easy to find porn sites, and unless you have very filter imaginable switched on, there is no way that you can control everything that your kids can find online. Also, many of these sites have a way of getting around filters.

What about Hentai Porn? I did not know anything about Hentai porn until I read about it on a London escorts website. Several girls who worked for this particular London escorts were clearly into Hentai porn. From what I understand, you can even go on fantasy dates with some of your favourite Hentai porn stars if that is your sort of thing. Over all Hentai porn is very provocative and many young people can easily mistake it for cartoons. I am not saying that we should ban Hentai porn, I think that we should just be careful with how Hentai porn is marketed.

What about porn movie web sites? They are easy to find online as well. I am sure that most London escorts have watched a porn movie or two during their career, but it is not really the sort of thing that I would like my kids watching. So many private people make their own pornos now and they are promoted all over the Internet. Sometimes you click on a link that you think is completely innocent and a porn promotion pops up. That is not really a good thing and the sort of thing that you want to see when you are a mum.

What do you think – is the web becoming too provocative for its own good? Maybe it is about time we set some standards and started to think about what content we are putting online before we hit the publish button?

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