I love to play dress up

My husband thinks that I am slightly nuts, but I just love to play dress up. When I worked for escorts in London, I was really into role play and dress up games with my gents. Lots of them suffered from stress really badly, and when they came to see me, I just wanted them to have a really exciting time and forget about the outside world. It made me rather popular at escorts in London, and I became known as a bit of role play specialist. That was fine with me as I had sort of wanted to be an actress anyway.

The truth is that I am sure that dressing up can really spice things up in the bedroom. When I worked at escorts in London, I always used to use the element of surprise, and I think that is what turned a lot of my dates at London escorts on. They never really knew who they were going to meet when they came to my door. It was like a game to me, and I still do the same thing with my husband these days. Fortunately for me, he does not think that I am too crazy, but I must admit, I am a little nuts.

It is absolutely fine to event a character and make you believe that you are her. When I worked at London escorts I had various different characters, and I have kept a lot of those. Most of the time they come out to play, and I have to say that my husband seems to enjoy them. Okay, on a couple of occasions, I have made him a bit uncomfortable, but now he is used to it. Most of my dates at London escorts who came to see me, were in to role play and that helped a lot.

However, you don’t need to go into character to have more fun in the bedroom. Sometimes at escorts in London, I did not assume a character at all. I had some gents in my London escorts diary, who were a bit uncomfortable, so I just used to dress up, and sit their and entertain them in my fancy costume. Most of these more shy gents seemed to really like my Geisha costume so I wore that a lot of those dates. Another favorite was the good old fashioned French Maid, but I think that a lot of gents like her.

So, if you want to spice things up in the bedroom, why don’t you try some dressing up. Most ladies that I know look really great when dressed up. Today, the advantage is that you don’t have to go into a shop and buy a fancy costume. A lot of what you need is available online, and you can just have it delivered to you at home. If there are any quality issues, or size problems, online services will always exchange it for you. I love dressing up, and I love shopping online, my husband likes me to dress up, so this is a partnership made in heaven so to speak.

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