Food And Sex

When I worked for London escorts, I did not really know what to do with the rest of my life after I had left London escorts. As time went on, I started to consider my career options, and it was soon evident that I would have to focus on my first two loves which are food and sex. If I could find something to do with both of those, I would have a very good and interesting career after I had finished my career with London escorts. Of course, I knew that it may not be easy.

Some of my gents at London escorts became special friends and I started to cook for them. They seemed to love my cooking, and I was soon preparing small intimate dinner parties for them. A couple of the gents at London escorts told me that I should be doing this for a living. It did not take me very long to figure out that I really enjoyed it and I decided to live London escorts to set up my own catering business. The decision really surprised my friends, but once I was on my way, the business really took off.

It turns out that there are a lot of single gents in London, who like to invite ladies home. As a former outcall girl for charlotte London escorts, I knew that it is not easy to create the right kind of atmosphere when you are in a home setting. As an outcall escorts for London escorts, I had noticed that gents in general really struggled and often resorted to Marks and Spencer meals. Cooking may not be that difficult, but if you have a busy job, it is not easy to find the time to do it. So when I left London escorts, I set up Roxy’s Intimate Dinners.

If you like, this is a dinner service with a difference. There is a strong focus on love, sex and romance. You can have a really sexy dinner with sexy names for each course, or you have a romantic package. If you like, I can come into your home and deliver the full package with red roses and candles. I have to admit that many of the gents who used the service initially were my gents from London escorts. A lot of that has changed now, and I do deal with gents from a cross section in society.

You have a choice of my being there all of the time, or I can deliver the food and you hit it up. Many of the gents who use the service do not know that I used to work for London escorts. They think that they are inviting this girl into their homes who is a bit of a sexy master chef. At the moment, I am busy mainly on weekends and perhaps one or two nights in the week. Something that I have learned is that gents also like a personal take away service, so I also cook regular meals. My latest is business functions, and sometimes I get some of my former colleagues from London escorts to help me out. It is the perfect business for me.

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