Airline company pilots prefer to this day hot brunettes

That is an actually fascinating believed so we chose to contact a couple of more West Midland escorts of through e-mail to find out if brunettes were more in demand by pilots. Overall, we contacted 10 brunette West Midland escorts of and to our surprise, they all came back with the same answer. All the West Midland escorts that we emailed declared that most of their dates were airline company pilots. In the same e-mail we resolved another few subjects, and asked the ladies if they believed that other occupations chosen dating brunettes. In basic brunette escorts are viewed as much smarter than blonde escorts, however as a blonde I question if this is truly true.

It seems that the majority of brunette West Midland escorts have the exact same experience, and that numerous of their dates are airline pilots, So, maybe the old saying needs to be altered – Airline pilots choose hot brunette West Midland escorts not blonde babes. Is it real that airline pilots prefer brunettes? Here at the Better Sex Guide we like to explore all the new hot escorts subjects that show up, and an escorts from West Midland Escorts Company, claims that airline company pilots prefer to this day hot brunettes.


There is a huge station house in West Midland, and you have hot firemen who service both the airport and the town. We asked our girls if they had dated any firefighters in the last numbers of months, and rather of few of them had. However, it ends up that firefighters prefer dating blondes and rarely date brunette escorts.

Medical professionals

Medical professionals are constantly thought of as smart and creative, and we dearly wanted to know if they date blonde or brunette escorts. Taking a look at the replies that we got from our panel of escorts, we noticed that the case was pretty even. It was nearly compromise however a little majority of physicians did undoubtedly lean to hot brunettes.


In the next few concerns we are going to take a look at the life of brunette escorts, and discover exactly what locations of West Midland have the most brunette escorts. Are brunettes still very much in vogue, or are gentlemen returning to dating hot blondes now that summer is coming.

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Attorneys and lawyers seemed to delight in dating hot brunettes or perhaps red heads, but all the women who dated judges regularly were blonde. Now we know that judges choose blondes, and it might have something to do with the stress level of their jobs. It is after all a lot more demanding to be a judge than an attorney or lawyer. Attorneys, lawyers and judges – who do they like to date? There are numerous members of the legal occupation who appear to delight in dating escorts after a demanding week at work. The majority of the escorts that we emailed understand that a few of their dates are members of the legal occupations however they want to be really discreet about their dates.

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